Joseph K. Kim D.C. L.Ac.

Dr. Kim has been a chiropractic physician in the Los Angeles community for the past 18 years. Dr. Kim is a Certified Upper Cervical Specialist (H.I.O) and also specializes in treatments such as the Pettibon Spinal System, Diversified, Gonstead, SOT, Cox, and Activator Treatments.

As a chiropractic physician, Dr. Kim has researched and discovered that the key to treating the root causes of chronic back pain lies in Upper Cervical Treatment. Implementing this methodology, Dr. Kim has found a course of treatment that provides accelerated healing of the root causes of chronic pain while effectively relieving its painful physical symptoms.

Dr. Kim has also found acupuncture to be complimentary to chiropractic treatments in his years of research. Pursing a balanced blend of both eastern and western thoughts of physical well-being, Dr. Kim obtained his Doctorate in Acupuncture in 2008 and practices an integrated holistic approach to overall health.

Over his 18 years of practice, Dr. Kim has treated numerous patients with debilitating conditions and has given them a new found lease on life. Dr. Kim is thrilled to bring his services to the Thousand Oaks/ Westlake Village community and anticipates that Shekinah Health will be a place that propels people to live their best lives – pain free.