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Shekinah Health has state-of-the-art equipment and provides a hand-tailored program to best serve your needs. We, at Shekinah Health, commit to restoring your health by treating both specific symptoms and your whole body holistically. Using Upper Cervical Chiropractic procedure to restore your proper body balance allowing the nervous system to function optimally, our approach is to heal the body naturally without the dangers of using drugs or surgery. Dr. Joseph Kim is the only upper cervical chiropractor and acupuncturist located in Conejo Valley.


Dr. Joseph Kap Kim has been practicing chiropractic care for over 17 years. During his early years of practice, he was very disheartened because some of his patients would come back every year with the same pain. In search for answers, he found the Upper Cervical method and was intrigued. He became a UC specialist and also became an acupuncturist at the same time to combat pain so his patients can live without being inhibited by pain. A father of three boys, Dr. Kim understands the importance of being available for one's family and one cannot do this with pain. Dr. Kim is passionate about finding the root of the issues that cause your pain and will explain to you the root/cause of your issues.

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